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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Mid-Nite in Vermont

For those of you prospies (it’s a term of endearment, truly) out there that think there is no way you could handle going to school in a place as small as South Royalton, you need not worry. During the week, there will be too much for you to do to care! However, a true suburban […]

small town livin’

Small town living is a new experience for me, but one I find quite enjoyable for the most parts (there are a few drawbacks).  Besides everything being fairly close and seeing the same smiling faces on a regular basis, South Royalton has extra charms.  Last weekend, the Tunbridge World’s Fair took place just a few […]

Large Schools v. Small Schools, 24 M.E.L.P. 1t (2008).

I will tell you several things I have noticed about small schools (VLS falling firmly in that category). My undergraduate career was spent mostly at the University of Minnesota, currently the largest institution in the country, along with the ever-popular Arizona State University, which my husband is currently attending (no, we’re not living on opposite […]

on “melps”…

So the administration changed the name of our degree from “Masters of Studies in Environmental Law” (MSEL) to “Masters of Environmental Law and Policy” (MELP).  I personally like the title better because it provides a bit more explanation of what the degree is and how it might be useful for a prospective job; however, we […]

settling in…

It’s the beginning of the third week of school and I believe most of us are pretty settled now, at least with classes.  Some of us are trying to adjust to living in a very small town and to details like driving half an hour to go to a major grocery store, but adjusting otherwise.  […]

the first week (+ orientation)

The first week of classes is over. Actually, luckily for the MELPs, our week ended Thursday afternoon. I’ve been out of school for several years so refocusing my brain to classes and homework again took a slight adjustment, but I think I’m getting back in the swing of things. I’m really enjoying the classes in […]

Pardon my MELP.

Hellooooo interweb! I’m Chelsea, a brand new MELP here at Vermont Law School. There has been much debate about the new name of the program, and although any change is usually difficult for me to process, I am finding that I like that my degree will sound more like a bodily function than an impressive […]