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Pardon my MELP.

Hellooooo interweb!

I’m Chelsea, a brand new MELP here at Vermont Law School. There has been much debate about the new name of the program, and although any change is usually difficult for me to process, I am finding that I like that my degree will sound more like a bodily function than an impressive title. That way, when people ask me, “What is your training?” I can respond, “Why, I am a MELP.” They will undoubtedly smirk and say, “What is a MELP?” and then I can proudly say, “I have a Master’s Degree in Environmental Law and Policy.” To which they will have to respond, “Oh. So you actually know things.”

And I will know things. If my first week of classes has taught me anything thus far, it is that I will know things.

Two of the things I know is that doing the required reading and being prepared for class are two separate things, and that I need to go prepare for class. Firestone is a firecracker, and I don’t want to look stupid.

For now, that is all. I’m off to know things.

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