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Large Schools v. Small Schools, 24 M.E.L.P. 1t (2008).

I will tell you several things I have noticed about small schools (VLS falling firmly in that category). My undergraduate career was spent mostly at the University of Minnesota, currently the largest institution in the country, along with the ever-popular Arizona State University, which my husband is currently attending (no, we’re not living on opposite ends of the country, he is here with me, just slowly ticking away at his Human Nutrition program through the glory of online classes). I am definitely not used to these small class sizes we have, and am blown away by the fact that the whole degree program consists of only twenty-four students. I am definitely much more used to milling around campus with over 60,000 of my peers. However, this change is not as unwelcome as I had originally thought it might be. Because I am studying the law, it seems only natural that I should offer these insights in proper court fashion, i.e., Large Schools v. Small Schools, 24 M.E.L.P. 1t (2008). Although it was entirely possible in my former university to have a class with someone and see them everyday for an entire semester and then in all likelihood never see them ever again even though you are both wandering around the same campus day in and day out because there are just so many people and campus is just so big, that kind of experience will never happen at VLS. Not only are there only 24 of us MELPS, but we have several classes that are created just for us. Also, unlike the ridiculous anonymity and competition at larger schools, I find myself actually rooting for my classmates. When they are put on the spot in class, I hope that they will formulate the correct answer (partly because if they do not, it could be me that is called on next, but mostly because I truly want them to succeed). I want all of us to succeed. This is a lofty program, and being thrown headfirst into the thick of the law with only a hand-me-down paperback law dictionary can be daunting and overwhelming. But precisely because it is so daunting and overwhelming, I feel that much closer to my fellow students. I know that it is hard, and probably going to get harder, but I also know that we aren’t going down without a fight. 

And when we come up victorious on the other side, we will be better for it; and we will have done it together.


In conclusion, I don’t mind small schools so much.


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