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small town livin’

Small town living is a new experience for me, but one I find quite enjoyable for the most parts (there are a few drawbacks).  Besides everything being fairly close and seeing the same smiling faces on a regular basis, South Royalton has extra charms.  Last weekend, the Tunbridge World’s Fair took place just a few minutes up the road.  It was a typical country fair, but a foreign world to this city dweller.  They had livestock judging, vegetable contests (largest of this, strangest shape of that), livestock contests (obedience skills, strength tests, etc), and normal fair rides and food. But my favorites were the roasted corn and the pig races.  There were three heats for the pig races and the pigs were all sporting names such as “Dustin Hogman” and “Oscar Meyer” (which were not the best names, but the ones I remember at the moment).  The first two heats were quite quick and exciting, but the third heat was of pot bellied pigs, and as you can imagine, they weren’t very speedy.  They stopped constantly in the track to eat, or just stand there, whichever was their pleasure, but it was still great fun to watch. 

Back in South Royalton proper, a tradition called “Stone Soup” has begun for the Thursday after the Tunbridge Fair.  Some dedicated townspeople get up with the sun and start the process of making about 30 gallons of veggie soup with donated goods from local farms.  After a day of tolling, the soup is ready around 4:00 pm and is free to everyone.  It is a great mixer for the students and townspeople and a very fun tradition.  Ah, the benefits of living in a small town! 


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