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I used to be a major procrastinator.  I mean, we’re talking BIG TIME.  But so far I’ve turned myself around in grad school.  I read for classes a couple of days in advance and review the materials again for class.   In addition to reading in advance, I have a draft of one of my papers and half a draft of the another, both due in two weeks.  I think this might be the first time I’ve ever even started a paper more than 12 hours in advance of it being due.  The point of this is not to disclose how much of a nerd I am, but to talk about the great resources that the school has to help prepare students for class. We have a great writing TA who has met with several students, one-on-one, and edited whatever writing stage we’re in.  That was extremely helpful for the first legal memo I’ve ever written – definitely a different writing style.  There is also a writing specialist on campus who will edit papers for grammar, style, etc, but not content, and I plan to meet with her about my other paper.  Another great resource is the Academic Success Program.  This program offers workshops throughout the year to help prepare students for different aspects of class: note taking, outlining, exam preparation, etc.  They also work with students individually if students are having trouble or any questions along the way, about anything from my understanding.  I haven’t used this resource yet, but plan on it at some point.  I encourage all incoming students to take advantage of at least some of these, if not all.

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