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Fall Break has officially started, and it could not have come at a better time. The leaves are gorgeous, and the hills that surround the city are a delightful shade of orange. For the last few weekends, my husband and I have taken some lovely drives on back roads, carefully avoiding the highway, to get where we need to go, just so we can take in all this beauty. One of the things that we love most about Vermont is the food. It seems as though everything we eat here is amazingly delicious! We got breakfast this morning at the local Sticky Buns and tried some new things. We were quite literally floored with flavor. Whenever we have some cash leftover at the end of the week, we always treat ourselves to Sticky Buns…after a good workout of course. Last night I was craving some meat, so I headed over to the market and bought some steaks that had been packaged that day for less than three dollars. They were delicious, and the Vermont goat cheese I got to go with them was packed with flavor. One thing about Vermonters is that they love their food FRESH. Everything here tastes fresh and new, even the food you buy at the grocery store! We love it here, and Jake never wants to leave!


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