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Monthly Archives: November 2008

I know, I know.

It has been way too long. Since I last wrote, things have really ramped up around here. It’s getting quite cold up here, and with so much to do, I find myself forgetting that outside still exists, which is a shame because even though the seasons change, Vermont does not get less pretty. Us MELPs […]

think fast!

Being the MELP Student Bar Association Senator has given me some insight into bits of the administration around here and I must say I’m impressed.  We’ve had two town hall meetings where students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to discuss issues about the school together.  Faculty are there to answer questions and respond to questions/concerns […]


*Sigh* Oktoberfest is over.  Not the real Oktoberfest, obviously (well, that’s over too, but I’m not talking about that in this post).  The Student Bar Association (SBA) plans a week of fun for the week of Halloween every year.  Students create teams and channel their inner child for some of the contests.  Dodgeball started the […]