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*Sigh* Oktoberfest is over.  Not the real Oktoberfest, obviously (well, that’s over too, but I’m not talking about that in this post).  The Student Bar Association (SBA) plans a week of fun for the week of Halloween every year.  Students create teams and channel their inner child for some of the contests.  Dodgeball started the week off with a bang (on many students’ bodies), followed by an evening of trivia.  Kickball, keg throwing, improv, a costume contest, thumb war, and a chili cook off all contributed to fun heckling and spirit enhancement.  I joined a team with folks I didn’t know, so it was a great way to meet some new people and of course taunt my friends on other teams when we won awesome contests like trivia!  The school seems to plan a lot of events for students that aren’t necessarily related to law school and allows students to interact in diverse ways.  Excellently executed fun-ness!


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