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think fast!

Being the MELP Student Bar Association Senator has given me some insight into bits of the administration around here and I must say I’m impressed.  We’ve had two town hall meetings where students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to discuss issues about the school together.  Faculty are there to answer questions and respond to questions/concerns students may have about particular issues, which means some things are answered immediately.  As for other longer-term issues, I think the administration has had a very quick turn around time.  For example, students expressed desire for a 24 hour study space and the next day the deans started a 2-week interim 24 hour period in Chase (our big common space on campus).  It was so successful, that they have decided to keep the space open 24 hours.  I have rarely seen an institution act so quickly to address concerns.  I am deeply impressed and doubt that I will be disappointed in the rest of my time here.  There are explicit benefits of going to a small school where the students are priority!


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