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I know, I know.

It has been way too long. Since I last wrote, things have really ramped up around here. It’s getting quite cold up here, and with so much to do, I find myself forgetting that outside still exists, which is a shame because even though the seasons change, Vermont does not get less pretty. Us MELPs are pretty anxious about finals, and I think our professors can sense it. They keep reassuring us that we will be okay, but for some reason we are having a hard time listening, much less believing them. A few professors have been so kind as to allow us to do some practice questions and get some feedback, which has been unbelievably helpful. Now that my classes are winding down (or up…) I am realizing that I really have learned a lot. The summer schedule was recently put out, and I am getting really psyched for all of those amazing opportunities. Thanksgiving is practically here, and the next few days will be a welcome break before the next few weeks’ craziness. Godspeed!


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