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reading week

We’re in the midst of reading week right now, and I’m drowning in my water class (pun intended – I’m a big nerd).  So far, it’s all proving to be manageable, although there’s still quite a bit to do…  Luckily, because we’ve already turned in our memos for writing, we only have 3 classes to worry about instead of 4 like the JD students (who also have writing, but 4 classes on top of that).  I’ll continue with the exam week updates so people can get a first-hand account of what we’re going through at this stressful time.

On a more jovial note, there were many festivities at the school last Friday (last day of classes).  First, there was a party for everyone with fantastic food, egg nog, and holiday punch (both spiked and non-spiked).  Afterwards was “Specific Performance,” which was basically a talent show for the students.  It was rather amusing and definitely entertaining.  Last but not least was a party at Crossroads, the bar in town.  The whole day was  a great way to spend a few hours before the stress of exams fully set in over the weekend.


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