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Final Freak Out

Actually I am finding finals to be not that bad. There are no classes going on, reading week was quite relaxing, and the tests have been exactly what I expected. Remember when I said that our teachers kept telling us to calm down because the tests were not going to be a surprise? Well they were right. I just got done taking Environmental Law a few minutes ago, and there was only one thing that I didn’t remember hearing about. Luckily for me though, the tests are pretty much all open note and open book, so I quickly looked it up and was able to answer the question. Maybe my lax feeling toward finals will change when I get my grades for this semester, but as of right now, I feel good.

Holiday break is coming up, as finals are done on Thursday (though I am hoping to wrap up my final paper tonight and be done) and my husband and I are getting excited to be home for the holidays. It’s quite cold up here in Vermont, but I keep telling people that nothing, NOTHING, burns like a Minnesota wind. I am even excited to be so cold that my nose hairs freeze making it impossible to breathe.

Ahh, home.

I made it through my first semester without breaking down or giving up. I can do the rest of it too.


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