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Back In White

Vermont is lovely. Sure today it’s a little brisk out there, but that doesn’t take away from the prettiness of it all. Right after exams ended, it seems like the whole atmosphere breathed a sigh of relief right along with us, and emptied its bellyful of snow it had been holding in for days.

It snowed hard. And long. The whole town was coated and entire cars seemed to disappear under the chilly winter coat.

This did make traveling home a bit more difficult than I had hoped for. I had a friend stranded in Burlington for three days. Jake and I drove to Boston, and upon reaching the halfway point we got a call from my parents saying my flight was canceled. But we continued on to see if there was anything anyone could do for me to get home. Unfortunately, nothing was going out until Tuesday, so we turned around to head home. What is usually a two and a half hour drive ended up being seven hours…I have never been on roads this bad. I don’t know if plows stop at state lines, but as soon as we hit New Hampshire, there was a discernible difference in the quality of the plow jobs. And then when we crossed into Vermont, forget about it. We were plowing ourselves through about a foot of snow on the highway in a shiny red Ford Taurus. It was perilous, to say the least.

But by Tuesday, things had cleared up and I was able to get home. Jake joined me after Christmas (is that wrong to spend our second Christmas together apart?) in beautifully gray Minnesota. Our families live just down the street from each other, so we were able to spend time with both in-laws.

School is back in, and I am still waiting for my brain to kick into gear. It’s taking longer than would have hoped. I’m feeling confident though that by next week I’ll be raring to go.

Although I will say that so far, everything I have heard about Admin¬† is turning out to be true…


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