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I think it’s okay for me to assume that we all enjoyed our break, whatever mischef we each got into.  And we all made it back, *ready* for a new semester.  Grades came out and it seemed like everyone survived, mostly happy about the outcome from their classes.  We’ve had a full week of classes, which was more exhausting than I expected it to be, especially considering all but one of my classes was cancelled for the first half-week of classes.  I feel as though we’re all more scattered this semester, but that is probably because we only have writing together now and not environmental law as well.  I also feel like there are fewer MELPs in each of my classes. I personally thought it was difficult to decide which classes to take as I was interested in several that I did not have time for, but that’s a good problem to have, I guess.  We’ll see what the semester brings…

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