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Monthly Archives: March 2009

And one more thing…

Visiting students day is coming up next Monday! Are you all excited? Perhaps we shall run into each other and not even know it…it is always strange when meeting internet people. On the off-chance that we do meet, say something like, “I love your blog” and then I will feel like a celebrity and probably […]


This past weekend was glorious. Jake and I took a nice long walk looking at all the budding trees. With the exception of last weekend and the snowstorm from bizarro world that lasted about three hours then vanished completely without a trace, the weather has finally been warming up. Everyone is making maple, and the […]

Spring in on the way

Although it’s technically spring, and spring is in full force in many parts of the country, we’re still experiencing a bit more “in between” weather.  Yesterday was gorgeous and definitely hindered my study plans, but I greatly enjoyed soaking up some Vitamin D while playing in the woods.  Today was not quite as nice, as […]

Back to School, Back to School…

Well, we are all back from Spring Break, and I think everyone had a refreshing time of it. Although, I know many people, myself included, who agree that it could have been about a week longer. I stayed in town and my husband took the week off work. We didn’t do much but hang out, […]

Town Hall Meeting

If you remember town hall meetings from civics classes in elementary and middle school and thought they were long gone, think again.  Vermont probably has the greatest amount of town hall meetings still in existence, with almost every town (except for Burlington and Montpelier, I think) hosting a town hall meeting.  From what I understand, […]

Still chilly up here…

It is still cold up here in Vermont. I wish it weren’t so pretty so I could be angry at the weather for just a minute. My husband and I went down to Baltimore this weekend and had a lovely time. One of the great things about being in New England is your relative proximity […]

the benefits of a small school

There are the obvious benefits of a small school: smaller class sizes, more interaction with professors, valued as an individual, not a number, just to name a few.  But an additional benefit is the graciousness and access to Dean and President Jeff Shields.  He and his wife hosted a reception specifically for the masters students […]

ramping up

School work is swinging into high gear, with deadlines for papers coming up.   It’s nice having one semester under my belt, and hitting about the midway point in the second one, which means it’s about the midway point for this degree.  Having survived one semester makes this semester easier in a sense, although it’s not […]