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Still chilly up here…

It is still cold up here in Vermont. I wish it weren’t so pretty so I could be angry at the weather for just a minute.

My husband and I went down to Baltimore this weekend and had a lovely time. One of the great things about being in New England is your relative proximity to EVERYTHING. We traveled through nine states both ways and it only took us eight hours. I’m a Western girl at heart, but I really did love driving through a lot of states in only a few hours, as opposed to spending an entire day driving through the barren wasteland that is Nebraska or Wyoming. Not that I don’t love those states, they just get boring driving through them for hours on end without a real change in scenery.
Jake and I are realizing that our time here is actually drawing to a close, and we realized that we only have to pay for 3 more months of rent. While that is exciting, it is also scary to think that I will have one more degree under my belt, and should probably stop this whole school thing and try working for a while. I am interested to get out into the field that I love so much and really try to make a difference. If there is one thing that Vermont Law School teaches you, it is that one person really can make a difference. Our professors are living proof of that, and I hope that I can live up to all of their expectations.

Speaking of their expectations, finals and papers are coming, and I am not ready yet!


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