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Spring in on the way

Although it’s technically spring, and spring is in full force in many parts of the country, we’re still experiencing a bit more “in between” weather.  Yesterday was gorgeous and definitely hindered my study plans, but I greatly enjoyed soaking up some Vitamin D while playing in the woods.  Today was not quite as nice, as it was raining for most of it.  It made it easier to get work done though.  Part of me wants one last Vermont snow storm, but in reality, I’m not sure I’d be too thrilled about it.  I’m ready for some warmer weather and sunshine for a while.

On a related note, spring break was a welcome hiatus from school work and the dailiy grind, but it was completely surreal to arrive back in South Royalton to see the entire river flowing again.  In the course of a week, the whole thing melted.  I was sorely disappointed to have missed the thawing of the river since I’ve never seen something like that and I’m not sure if I will ever have the opportunity again.

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