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This past weekend was glorious. Jake and I took a nice long walk looking at all the budding trees. With the exception of last weekend and the snowstorm from bizarro world that lasted about three hours then vanished completely without a trace, the weather has finally been warming up. Everyone is making maple, and the smell is intoxicating. The only problem with this is that now that the weather is getting nice, it is distracting me from my studies, which are ever so important.

I have a few papers that I still need to write, and the twenty pages that seemed easier to think about when the sky was snowy and the ground was icy is getting more difficult to grasp when the sky is blue and the grass is greening. Just a few more weeks, then I can take some time off and be outside.

Maybe I’ll even read for PLEASURE!! Something I have not done in years.

In short, welcome spring, how I have missed you.


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