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Monthly Archives: April 2009

knockin’ ’em out

I turned in two papers on Thursday, meaning that I am officially done with two of my four classes.  And what a great feeling that is!  A huge weight was taken off  my shoulders regardless of the fact that I still have to make sense of admin law before my exam…  So instead of rambling […]

One Week

Why, it’s the last week of classes already!! Who could have known that this semester would fly by so quickly? As Sanders stated below, we have a lot of papers to write this semester. She and I have all the same classes, so I also have only one test. Although it is Admin, I think […]

Exams v. Papers

I used to be a paper person.  I wrote so many papers in undergrad, I felt like I could write them in my sleep. So I was a little worried when I got to grad school and knew that all my classes would probably be evaluated by exam instead of papers, especially considering I hadn’t […]

It’s Official!

Alright, there are only two weeks left of class! Ahhhhh!!! I have two projects due before the end of classes, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday, and I have quite a bit of work to do before then. I am very much looking forward to the end of the semester though, it has been […]

Spring has sprung!

One of the things I enjoy the most about living in an area with a relatively cold winter is the spring.  Once the weather starts to turn even a little bit, people get so happy and excited that almost everyone spends a decent amount of time outside.  It’s been raining a decent amount lately, but […]


VLS hosted yet another symposium today.  The school is really good at getting excellent speakers here throughout the year to lecture on and discuss various topics.  From my informal tally, I believe today marked the fourth or fifth of these symposiums. Today’s was called “Solutions” and was the 5th annual conference.  It brings experts from […]