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VLS hosted yet another symposium today.  The school is really good at getting excellent speakers here throughout the year to lecture on and discuss various topics.  From my informal tally, I believe today marked the fourth or fifth of these symposiums.

Today’s was called “Solutions” and was the 5th annual conference.  It brings experts from many sectors of law to educate students about a particular issue and specifically some solutions to that issue.  I attended a few panels and was highly impressed.  One speaker was the former Minister of the Environment in Iraq and she was fascinating.  Another panel highlighted some of VLS’ own professors speaking about environmental justice.  In addition, there were panels on sports law, media related law, and many more.

All of these symposia are organized by fellow students, and in this case, two former masters students.   It is definitely impressive and a great addition to the educational experience to have access to so many different kinds of events throughout the year.  It has definitely enriched my time at VLS.


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