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Exams v. Papers

I used to be a paper person.  I wrote so many papers in undergrad, I felt like I could write them in my sleep. So I was a little worried when I got to grad school and knew that all my classes would probably be evaluated by exam instead of papers, especially considering I hadn’t taken a test (besides the GRE) in almost a decade.  Last semester lived up to expectations of mostly exams (we had a paper due for our writing class, how appropriate).  This semester, on the other hand, I mostly have papers (only one exam).  I still haven’t ever decided which I prefer, as each has pros and cons, but right now as I’m working on two writing projects with a third in the wings, I sure do wish I had exams.  Although when I’ve turned in my papers and others are still studying for exams, I’m going to be very grateful that I had so many papers.  It’s always a trade off, I guess.


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