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There is beauty all around

Graduation is basically here, which is a little strange for us MELPs because we don’t actually finish until August 1. But try as I might to remind myself of this, I am getting pretty wrapped up in the whole thing. I have this giant sense of accomplishment that comes with the completion of a degree. I have little to no desire for classes to start up again. However, yesterday with nothing to do, was actually a little boring. I found myself pouring over the summer syllabi, anxiously awaiting new assignments and new knowledge. A little sad? yes.
I will be doing an IRP (Independent Research Project) this summer which should be interesting. Me and a few other classmates will be having a little book club, so to speak, and writing a little paper about it. The books will be environmental, of course, and important for our environmental understanding. I think it will be entirely refreshing.
South Royalton gets more beautiful each day, and I am excited to show my parents where I have been living for the past year! For those of you who are mothers, Happy Mother’s Day!

Now, if I can just keep myself busy enough to enjoy my few weeks off!


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