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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Lessons from week one

My first week of classes have gone well. There are various bits of useful knowledge I have picked up that someone may not necessarily think to share as advice. There are also small things that I wouldn’t know unless experiencing them for myself. Here are just a few of the things that stand out from the week […]

First (bumpy) Week as a MELP

This first week has been a wild one. I arrived mid-way through Orientation, missing not only academic information, but some social events. Despite that, I’ve felt very welcomed into the community here, which is a good thing because I’ve needed both friends and humor to get through my first classes. Ever have one of those […]

its started

I am was so glad that classes had finally started. And i still am. I haven’t read this much in at least a few years. But likely i haven’t learned this much either. so i can not complain. I am taking four classes, and so far i think ecology of food and agr. is the […]

First day of classes

The first day of the fall semester was much less intimidating than I expected. The professors mainly used the time to  address administrative issues. I was all geared up for the Socratic method right from the start. Tomorrow I’ll have different classes so I’ll have to see if it is any different. I know it isn’t used […]


I finished my masters degree last week. It is a very surreal feeling to be done, especially after just one year. It’s also strange because so many people have trickled away from here as they finished this summer, so the ending was kind of anti-climatic. I already wrote about how great the year was, so […]