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First day of classes

The first day of the fall semester was much less intimidating than I expected. The professors mainly used the time to  address administrative issues. I was all geared up for the Socratic method right from the start. Tomorrow I’ll have different classes so I’ll have to see if it is any different. I know it isn’t used much at VLS but, I’m starting to think it may be used even less for courses that aren’t included in the 1L requirements. Don’t take that as complaining.  

 Today was fairly low key. I only had two classes. The first of which didn’t start until almost 1pm. For a Monday, that’s pretty nice.  My first class was one of two required courses for all Masters students. So it was nice to have the first class of fall with other MELPs only. After a week and a half of orientation, it feels like they’re all familiar faces. My other class was an elective which happened to also have a large group of the Masters students as well as several joint degree students. Overall the day was great. Although, going over  the syllabus always makes me wonder how its all going to get done.

To round out my first day of law school, I joined Ultimate Justice for practice. This is Vermont Law School’s ultimate frisbee team. It was great to end the day.  The only thing missing from the today was my mom capturing that, oh-so-precious, Kodak moment.


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