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First (bumpy) Week as a MELP

This first week has been a wild one. I arrived mid-way through Orientation, missing not only academic information, but some social events. Despite that, I’ve felt very welcomed into the community here, which is a good thing because I’ve needed both friends and humor to get through my first classes. Ever have one of those anxiety dreams the night before class? You know, the ones where you accidentally sleep through your alarm, go to the wrong classroom, or arrive to find yourself naked. Well I’ve lived those dreams this week. First off, I sat waiting in the wrong classroom for my very first class, only to figure out I was in the wrong place when 12:45 rolled around and I was the only soul sitting there. After some quick detective work and a helpful admissions office employees, I rushed breathlessly into my first class, missing the professor’s introductory remarks.

If one “bad dream come true” weren’t enough, I followed that performance with an even larger faux pas. I completely and unintentionally ditched a class. My undergrad institution used Tu/Th as notions for Tuesday/Thursday courses, whereas VLS uses TR. I read TR as Thursday-only, so I ditched my Tuesday morning class. Whoops. I emailed the professor to let him know my error, and assure him I’d be there bright and early Thursday morning. Combine these goof-ups with the anxiety of living in a new place, jet-lag, and the moving process, and by the end of Tuesday I was feeling completely and utterly flustered.

Luckily, today is a new day. We received our Lexis Nexis training, and I am planning to finish up the last of my reading prior to Intro to Legal Studies while enjoying lunch at the SoRo Cafe – which is the campus cafeteria at VLS. I believe today features a Squash, Tomato, and White Bean Stew Served over rice (Vegan “friendly”) $4.50 – yum!


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