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Monthly Archives: September 2009

here comes fall

II am afraid of the winter. that is cause it means the snow is coming, the tests and papers are coming, and the cold. i like being pushed, I like all my classes a lot. AND YET, quality of life. i don’t think i have enough time to live, to really live. sometimes i wish […]

dress code, and talk.

i think it is important to know that these people are likely our future colleagues. And, on that note it is important to look respectable everyday, to be polite, not talk behind any ones back, and like any good person going into policy, never really have a definitive opinion on anything. remember, for good or […]

Career Panel

Last week I attended a MELP/MESL alumni career panel. It was interesting to hear about the different paths that alums have taken after leaving VLS. I was glad that there was a spread in ages and experiences among the panel – I felt like most people could relate to the interests of at least one […]

Just like stone soup… a little bit of this and that.

As I can see from the previous posts, the Stone Soup event has been the topic of the week. I will diverge from that but, it is a pretty unique event that deserves credit. As the end of September draws to a close you can sense the urgency in the students, faculty, and South Royalton […]

A busy day

It’s unlikely that you’ll have a hard time filling up your days while you’re here at VLS. This past Thursday is a great example. I got to campus before my classes started in order to have one-on-one training with the Lexis Nexis representative. A quick word on that… when you’re in law school, there are […]

Stone Soup

Remember as a child reading Stone Soup… Well tonight there was a Stone Soup Supper on the SORO green. It was excellent!!!!! The volunteers started making the soup earlier in the afternoon and then people could start eating around 4pm. It was a free supper with bread and fresh watermelon, provided by the local Farmers. […]

lexis nexis is amazing

i can not say too much for their service, i really don’t know. cause i have not yet used it too much. but i can say this: they are brilliant. not only did they give me a 1 gig flash drive, but at their table today they handed out trail mix. but that is not […]

Fall Foraging

You know fall is coming when the elderberries, blackberries, apples and pears start to arrive. Last night we made a fruit crisp with the first ripe pears, blackberries, and the last of the blueberries. We made elderberry jam last week, and apple sauce as well. I grew up in the arid western US, so coming […]

4th and 13

Time is ticking away. I have been here five weeks and in class four. The student groups finally started up their meetings this week after the activity fair was held almost a week and a half ago. I have been looking forward to becoming involved with the student groups since I began researching grad schools. […]

Another Week Down

Time just seems to blow by here. I cannot believe September is almost over. Well, I can’t believe it, but I can feel it! It has been getting quite chilly at night now. Yesterday I went to Tunbridge Fair and it was in the 40s as we were leaving. My nose and toes were numb! […]