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My, what wonderful weather we’re having

I’ll get to talking about my classes in a blog sooner or later, but I had the most amazing commute to school today, and wanted to write about it. I rode my bike from West Hartford, VT along Rt. 14 to school and back. The weather this week is incredible – highs in the 60s and 70s, sunny, no rain. I thought it would be a good week to try riding my bike to school. As I rode along the White River to and from school, I realized that my ‘commute’ is probably the envy of many cyclists. The road biking here is pretty wonderful, considering the number of quiet, hilly back roads.

I’m not sure how often I’ll ride my bike to school, but I hope to do it at least once a week, and maybe twice a week, until it gets too cold and icy. I definitely like that it allows me to avoid driving the 30 minutes to school. One of the things that seemed a bit odd to me was the fact that Vermont Law School, number one in environmental law, is not exactly located in an environmentally-friendly spot, at least in terms of transportation. It is true that a number of students live right in South Royalton, and can walk to school. But, some live as far away as Rutland – a 50-minute drive. And, I think it’s probably safe to say most professors do not live in South Royalton. But, it isn’t surprising that people interested in the environment are drawn to this part of the country. The landscape is beautiful, even idyllic. In my Land Use Regulation course, we talked about the seemingly competing desires many people at VLS have – the desire to be close to nature, and the desire to be able to walk to work/school/stores/etc. It’s hard to achieve both, and perhaps VLS is an example of that: it naturally attracts those who want to be in and near nature, but the remote location means that not everyone can live within walking distance. Riding my bike feels like a good way to achieve a little compromise on my own daily commute.


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