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(In)Famous “Everyone” E-mails

Labor day weekend is coming to a close and its time for another blog entry prior to the new week. To continue on from my last entry, week two was much better than week one. By the third and fourth meeting it was easier to anticipate what the professors would focus on for each class. I’ve felt that getting some semblance of a routine has helped greatly to settle the nerves. There is still a lot to do in a small amount of time but, having a better grip on the expectations is an improvement to the stress level. That, and finding humor in the unique personalities of Vermont Law School students.

I’m referring the the title of this blog entry. This past Friday came with a flood of e-mails to my, and well, everyone else with a VLS e-mail address’, inbox. The e-mail system that VLS uses allows for an “everyone” option for whom the masterpiece e-mail shall be sent to. I suppose this option exists on all closed e-mail servers. I think I’m just used to them being formal and very official in nature when I have received them. Now that I think about it… Those are typically common of the automatic “delete” option I, and probably most others, choose to exercise. These e-mails I’m mentioning however, are not formal nor official and are definitely worth a read. Of course as the popular closing line to most VLS e-mails go, “these views are my own and do not reflect those of anyone else.”

TO explain a bit more, the “Everyone” e-mails aren’t all that uncommon at VLS as I have come to learn. The close nit community of 600 or so students and maybe 100 faculty and staff, is inherently a platform for voicing one’s personal opinions regarding current events. The most recent being animal rights advocacy. Apparently the e-mails range from topic to topic depending on what the latest and most drama filled issue may be on campus or in town. These e-mails are new to me so I’m sure I’ll learn more of what they are about as the year continues. Supposedly it gets even more interesting around finals. Honestly, I can’t wait.

I really appreciate how comfortable the students feel in raising awareness for issues they find of tantamount concern. At the same time, I appreciate the humor some students take in response to the “very serious” e-mail even more. Its pretty amusing to read the various responses to the initial e-mail as well as the life the topic takes on as subsequent e-mails begin to reply to one another. Some replies are more businesslike while others gently poke fun. Its like watching a digital animal evolve. It grows appendages as the initial conversation tangents in unexpected ways. At this point, as an observer only, its an interesting way to end another week of law school.


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