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Where did the time go?

Last night I was thinking that a month ago I was moving in and a few days later Orientation started.  It has been three weeks since I started classes, the 4th week starts tomorrow!  A week and a half of orientation gone.  During the past 3 weeks I think more about what I am reading, I judge it and evaluate it and try to establish my own opinion about it.  A month ago I did not look at cases that way.

The masters program has started a new class this year.  There is a Introduction to Legal Studies class which is excellent because it helps the MELPs develop the skills that 1Ls have already gained.  It really helps since we are taking classes with 2 and 3Ls who already have this background knowledge. It has been a long and hard month, but I have really started to learn the study skills I need to achieve the MELP degree.  It has been a great month since I have made a lot of friends, so I can have that balance between social and academic time.

3 weeks down… where has the time gone?


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