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VLS Partners Group

One of the really great and unexpected things here at VLS is the Partners Group. This is a group for any one who is coming to South Royalton as a partner of a student at VLS. This part of Vermont is pretty rural, and networking and social opportunities can sometimes seem limited. The Partners Group is an effort to connect those who aren’t students to job opportunities and fun events happening in the area. Though I’m not a partner, I think it’s a great thing for my partner, and for me, too.

For instance, this past weekend, we went on the Tour de Taste, a local bike riding fundraiser for the Upper Valley Trails Alliance. We heard about the event through the Partners’ listserve. It was an awesome event, filled with great riding and good food from local restaurants and farms. They had a short ride for kids, a medium length ride, and a longer ride for those who wanted to go farther. I found out about several farms and restaurants that I had no idea existed, and we had a chance to ride through some beautiful country, right along the Connecticut River. I highly recommend the event to anyone who likes to eat and ride bikes!

I happen to like the rural nature of this place — it’s really why I decided to come to VLS. But, I think it’s great to have the VLS Partners Group to help people get connected to jobs and social activities. Whether you decide to join all of the little activities or not, it is a very useful resource, and is much appreciated! A definite bonus if you’re not coming to VLS alone.


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