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4th and 13

Time is ticking away. I have been here five weeks and in class four. The student groups finally started up their meetings this week after the activity fair was held almost a week and a half ago. I have been looking forward to becoming involved with the student groups since I began researching grad schools. There were a ton of student groups at my undergrad institution but nothing that seemed to compare to the goals and aspirations of many of the groups here.
Acknowledging my vast interests with limitations of reality, it was hard not to overcommit my time to extracirricular activities. During the fair I limited myself to register for only three of the groups with the knowledge that I may still have to widdle that down pending increase of workload. Which I’m sure will happen. Its getting into late September and time is precious when you’re trying to meet with others to study, review, and compile class notes to keep four weeks and counting worth of information fresh for four separate classes. Luckily for me I will only have two exams in December. The other courses will be graded on written assignments or a research paper. It can be hard to know which is the worse of the two evils. Most students here prefer the papers. I guess I’m just glad to have a balance.


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