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Another Week Down

Time just seems to blow by here. I cannot believe September is almost over. Well, I can’t believe it, but I can feel it! It has been getting quite chilly at night now. Yesterday I went to Tunbridge Fair and it was in the 40s as we were leaving. My nose and toes were numb! Since the leaves are finally beginning to turn and the weather is getting cold, I’ve started a scrappy fall leaves quilt =)Fall Quilt Blocks

Lots of colors in it even at this early stage, and its definitely meant to be a creative interpretation of fall. Fun and functional.

I was really excited about my first outdoor class ever. In Extinction and Climate Change, Professor Parenteau decided that since the weather was so gorgeous Monday, we would take class outdoors. On top of enjoying the sun and breeze, we had a very interesting discussion about threats to endangered species, using wolves in Yellowstone as an example. Professor Parenteau even brought props like model skulls and pelts to pass around and give us an understanding of the size of a wolf versus a coyote.

I know that fairly soon the weather will turn and we won’t have outdoor classes anymore until the spring, so I was really happy I got to experience it while we still can! Also in the outdoor classroom was the first ELS meeting of the year. I was a member of my undergraduate Environmental Law Society, so I was very happy to hear we had a chapter on campus here. The meeting was brief, with snacks and mingling to excellent bluegrass music, followed by an intro and welcome by the faculty advisor and club founder. Then each of the club officers introduced themselves and their role within the group. I’m glad to have good extracurricular options to get involved in, it’s a small town, so it’s good to have things to do here.


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