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lexis nexis is amazing

i can not say too much for their service, i really don’t know. cause i have not yet used it too much. but i can say this: they are brilliant. not only did they give me a 1 gig flash drive, but at their table today they handed out trail mix. but that is not all. the way they did it was just too cool. an amazing thing. here is what they did (sorry for the long build up) they but cranberries in one bin, m&m’s in a another and peanuts in another. i didn’t at first get why. but now i do. they were having me mix it, as they suggested that i do. and i did, and while i mixed they got to chat to me. that is one of the smartest things i have ever seen. I plan to use it. Iam so impressed, but i kinda wish i had not made this public info, cause now you might use it too. alas, honest usually gets the best of me.


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