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A busy day

It’s unlikely that you’ll have a hard time filling up your days while you’re here at VLS. This past Thursday is a great example. I got to campus before my classes started in order to have one-on-one training with the Lexis Nexis representative.

A quick word on that… when you’re in law school, there are many opportunities for you to do training in either Lexis or Westlaw. These are both search engines to help you do legal research, and many law firms use them. It feels a little bit like they’re trying to bribe you into taking the training courses by offering things like reward points and cupcakes. This may be so, but I came to the realization that this training is actually part of what I’m paying for, and if I don’t go to the training sessions, I’m missing out on something I’ve already paid for. In short, I think it’s worth going to at least a few of the trainings. It will certainly help to make you a more efficient and effective legal researcher after graduation, which has to be a quality that employers are anxious to see in potential employees.

Alright, back to the day. After the Lexis Nexis training, I had class. Immediately following that, there was a session on how to approach mid-term exams, including information about how to outline your courses, and how to handle exam questions. Since I’ve never taken a law school exam, I thought it would be worth attending. I had another class immediately following that. Then, I headed up to the green for some of the delicious stone soup mentioned in a previous blog. From there, I went to a talk from a woman who works in the Environmental Enforcement Section of the Environment and Natural Resources Division at the U.S. Department of Justice. She came to talk about her experience working for DOJ, what a day in her work life looks like, and also what she looks for in potential interns and employees. (For those of you wondering, she said the two things that can really set someone apart are the quality of their writing, and also their experience.)

My day on campus ended after that, though I’m sure there were more meetings and gatherings I could have attended. One of the trickiest things about grad school is balancing your time–giving sufficient attention and effort to your classes, taking advantage of all the extras offered, and still finding some time to unwind. But, it’s certainly better to have too many things to choose from, than not enough! And that is certainly the case here at VLS…


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