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Just like stone soup… a little bit of this and that.

As I can see from the previous posts, the Stone Soup event has been the topic of the week. I will diverge from that but, it is a pretty unique event that deserves credit. As the end of September draws to a close you can sense the urgency in the students, faculty, and South Royalton community in general to get out and soak up the fair weather as much as possible. This past Thursday could not have been a better day for an annual town wide event held on the green in combination with the weekly Farmer’s Market. It was a spectacular opportunity to chat with an array of people from school and the town. As a MELP, I really appreciated seeing a lot of the 1Ls I began fostering friendships with during orientation that I don’t see much of at this point. I absolutely loved the children’s book and was amazed to receive the e-mail announcement a week and a half ago advertising the event. How wonderfully rural?! My intentions to be brief on that topic didn’t really happen. My apologies. I will save you from the extensive rambling I could do about it though and leave it at that.

This past week provided a few small, nerdy, yet exciting moments for me. As I just admitted there is a great deal or nerd-alert to the events, I’ll keep it short. (Shorter than the Stone Soup blurb.) Monday I was able to both successfully pull off a squash soup recipe and select an interesting topic for my research paper in Extinction and Climate Change class on the first attempt. I consider myself a good cook but I haven’t tried to make soup before. I’m not sure how much was accident or intention. I was only partially following a recipe since I didn’t have all of the ingredients. And in regards to the research topic… It is for a 15 page, single spaced paper. The less time spent on trying to think of a topic equals more time available to spend on researching the topic selected. Small things! I told you.

Okay, given how nerdy that was hopefully this will redeem me. Although, somewhat slightly I’m sure. This past week I tackled a 50 page reading assignment with two cases for Natural Resources Law class. I was expecting it to be relatively similar to the prior assignments that have been dense in information but dry in presentation. There was a small section that discussed forest management in relation to the communities that have been built around extraction of that resource. Logging towns and paper mill towns were addressed through a few narrative stories. One in particular talked about an old pulp mill that operated out west. I was immediately drawn into the story from knowing the town well as an outdoor adventurer but more relevantly, through former environmental work. It was really pretty cool to have something seemingly so small and so far away from central Vermont unexpectedly come up in my readings. I suppose it shouldn’t be that surprising. Given all of the logging and paper mill towns out there I didn’t expect to see known I know so well amongst my legal assignments. Alright, may be its something you have to experience for yourself to be able to appreciate. Chances are you will.


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