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Monthly Archives: October 2009


The dodgeball event for Oktoberfest has just ended. My team, Swan Flu, was ranked second after yesterday’s events of cake eating and digital scavenger hunting. The last event of the series is a costume contest tonight at Crossroads. It should be a good turn out as long as the weather holds. To recap, Oktoberfest is […]

speaking of my mom

for Halloween my mom is dressing as Sarah Palin. AGAIN

mid terms are over and I did super, super ok.

I had some midterms, or rather some papers due as a midterm. the good news is that i survived it. I made it. and truth be told, i called my mom. I called her. and she was glad, I know that makes me a mama’s boy. but heck, they are helping to pay for this […]

The Costle Lecture

This past Friday, VLS presented the first Douglas Costle Chair lecture. William Rodgers, the first Douglas Costle Chair Visiting Professor delivered the lecture to a room filled with students, professors, and members of the public. The lecture was one of the funniest I’ve been to in quite some time. I found myself laughing regulalry, along […]


Its just about 11:45am on Thursday. I’m on the second floor of the Chase Center taking a mental breather while I can. This is a tough week as far as scheduling and work load goes. Definitely no time to get Wednesday Wings at 5 Olde with the roommates kind of a week. Despite the nice […]

football in class

lap tops in class

i love my lap top. but i don’t think it is so cool when people in class are supposed to be taking notes, and instead people are surfing the web. Question, should this be forbidden? should the VLS rules be such that this is at least discouraged. it puts me at a disadvantage. dang. i […]

its morning and i have to do a memo

what a way to start the day! study, study, study. write, write, write. then again rather this then have to be in an office really early in the am. i have my coffee, my favorite slippers on, and i am listing to the radio that is telling me about global warming for 5 min, and […]

Winter is Coming

I’ve been told that I needed an ice scraper. Being from Southern California, I was baffled as to why I would need one when my car has a windshield defroster. Silly Californian, today I learned. When I walked out of my apartment this morning I was surprised to see my windshield was completely iced over. […]

A Little Trip to Boston

This weekend, I had the opportunity to travel down to Boston for Friday and Saturday. I’m including the trip on this blog because as much as I love Vermont and the woods, it is fun every once in awhile to get to a sizable city. Boston is such a city, and it’s really not that […]