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Rollercoaster ride

Some days are good. Some days are great. And of course you can’t have those without the not so great days. Today was one of the not so great days. It started off with relative ease. However one small thing after another accumulated into a relatively stressful day. Printer breaking on me in the library, dog getting sick, high anxiety intro. to legal studies class (memo writing is tough), shotgun announcement about a two week window of opportunity to apply to a Federal fellowship that starts, um, tomorrow, and not being able to exercise because I have too much homework to dedicate time for it. I’m not intending to complain here. Just share the experience of what one type of day in the life of a MELP may be like. Now, not all days are as difficult to get through though. Today was especially comprised of several small things that compiled into a large ball of stress. It makes you really appreciate the great days, as well as the good ones even more.


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