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What do Frito Lay and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition have in common?

Answer: They both came up in my Land Use class last week. We read a case where Frito Lay wanted to expand their operations in an area, but was running into some legal problems. Although the locals challenged the expansion on other grounds, the real problem for the people living nearby was the smell from the factory. As soon as we had established that in class, our professor took out several bags of Frito Lay chips and tossed them out into the class for us to eat. If anyone was sleeping, they weren’t after that. But if they were awake, I’m not sure if they were listening since the noise from crunching potato chips and rustling bags was not insignificant.

The same day, our professor brought in the Valley News, the local newspaper, and brought our attention to the front page article. A local family had been selected as the next home for the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The article related to our class because in order to get permission to do the remodel, the show had to get permission from the zoning board. These sorts of permits require public hearings, but since the whole thing is supposed to be a surprise for the family, they couldn’t be as open as they normally are about public hearings and their decisions regarding the permits. It’s always nice when local happenings relate to your classes. Here’s today’s newspaper article on the family’s return to their new home.


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