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Fall Break and Leaves

We’re on our Fall Break for Columbus Day, thanks Christopher! The weather has been rainy, but it hasn’t made the changing leaves any less beautiful. Its funny, because you’ll be minding your own business, perhaps driving to West Leb for groceries, or Bethel to visit the CVS pharmacy, when you’ll turn a corner and the color will just smack you in the face. Reds and oranges that you didn’t imagine could possibly exist in nature. Being from Southern California, I have never experienced the changing leaves during fall, so this season has definitely been a treat for me. It suggests that winter, and snow, is not far behind. I am alternately excited and petrified for the cold. The snow is going to be so much fun, but -20 degrees is a little intimidating. I went to the L.L.Bean in West Lebanon and purchased a knee-length poofy winter coat, so once I buy some proper winter boots I’ll be better off clothing-wise. Then it’s just a matter of mental preparation, haha.

Oktoberfests are going on all over Vermont. VLS has it’s own Oktoberfest the last week of October, and a halloween party at where else? Crossroads Bar. There’s an Oktoberfest at Harpoon Brewery this weekend, might have to go check that out tomorrow. Vermont has excellent micro-brews. I remember when I was a perspective student, reading through these MELP blog posts, trying to decide if VLS was a good fit for me. I enjoyed reading about the students experiences in and out of the classroom, and it helped me decide. I hope that some of our posts are as helpful for the future perspectives this year as they were for me.


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