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Foliage fun over fall break

Wow, what a pleasant surprise it was to have Fall Break. For some reason, I thought we only had today, Monday, off. But, in fact, we have tomorrow off as well, which will make for a 5 day weekend for me. I’m not feeling too overwhelmed with school, but it did seem like this break came at a great time. The foliage here is lovely — probably at peak — and it was great to have some time to get out and enjoy it. Especially before it snows (which there’s rumor of doing tomorrow….)

One of the cheapest, best, and easiest things to do in this area is to go hiking. The Appalachian Trail is only about 20 minutes from SoRo, and it is a great place to spend some time while you’re here. This weekend was a special time to spend on the AT because the Dartmouth Outing Club, in celebration of its 100th anniversary, decided to try and hike the entire AT in one day. Essentially, they got people from all along the trail to get out and hike the AT in an attempt to cover each mile of the trail. I’m not sure if they managed to hike the entire trail, but I think it was pretty close. We hiked part of the AT in Vermont, and even saw some thru hikers headed south. It was just nice to be out enjoying the trail, which happens to be part of the National Park system.  We’re discussing National Parks in Natural Resources Law this coming week, and I always like it when I have the chance to ground class discussions and reading in a tangible experience. Hopefully there will be time for more hikes in the coming weeks…


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