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Not just a myth…

During orientation week you are told how cold it is and how much snow there is through the winter. I grew up in Connecticut and went to my undergrad in western Mass. so I feel like I have an idea of how winters in Vermont may be. Something else we were told over orientation week was about how early to start expecting snow to fall. They said October. Late October I would believe. I’ve seen snow flurries in late October before. Mid October was the more specified time frame. I must now concede. I didn’t believe that, and now I’m a believer. It snows. In mid October. Before I scare anyone away though, there wasn’t any that stuck to the pavement, and only a quarter inch on top of cars and less than that on the grass. It didn’t last through the day either, so that was a bit of a relief too. It certainly was one way to come back from October break, skip the rest of fall and go straight to winter.

Speaking of fall break, it has now come and gone. How quickly the time passes! I was lucky enough to have a 5 day break which gave me an opportunity to get work done as well as get out of town for a bit. Most students use the break for the same thing. It’s mainly an outlining period to compile and review your notes and readings so it stays fresh and, so you aren’t overwhelmed by having to do that at the end of the semester. I heard an upper class JD say that if students don’t use this time to outline their probably going to struggle to get it done towards the end.

As a MELP, I don’t have any midterms for my classes and I have to exam finals to prepare for. One is open book, and the other is closed. The professors are providing example tests from previous years to give an idea of what one may look like. They are nice enough to give us that to work with. I’m sure the outlining will be a big factor in how comfortable I feel on test day. For now, it’s all about staying on top of the readings and reviewing as I go. I wouldn’t mind having one more day to October break to do that though.


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