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Fall Break and Some Suggestions

Unlike most of the students, I stayed in SORO during Fall Break.  I was hoping to accomplish A LOT of work, but unfortunately got a case of the common cold.  I did accomplish some work despite the sneezing.  The one adventure I did go on was to Woodstock, VT, where two of my friends and I hiked some of the trails at the Marsh Billings Farm and we were able to see the fall foliage from above.  It was AMAZING!!!! I have included a picture from the top of Mount Tom overlooking Woodstock, VT.  Speaking of work; I have put together a small list of items that have helped me out since I have started here at VLS.

Like I have said before, I am new to all of this legal terminology, as I know most of us MELPs are. I have a few general suggestions to keep near your study area while reading the cases. A General Legal Dictionary, Black Law Dictionary, and Dictionary. The general legal dictionary I have is great, I bought it while in undergrad for a Safety and Health Law class I took and it has been a great reference. Not only does it define the word, but it also contains a scenario, which helps me understand the word in a legal sense. The Blacks Law Dictionary is an excellent reference also, I would wait to buy one since you do not need the current edition and can get one through an online book retailer instead of buying it at the bookstore.

I would also suggest buying a lot of highlighters. I have gone through a lot already and it is only October. Another suggestion is a book stand. I bought a $5 book stand at Barristers (the bookstore) and it has been such a great addition to my study area.  Last thing to consider buying are the post it tabs.  THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!   I used them during my Undergrad and have been in LOVE with them every since.

These are items that I have felt are useful while I am studying.  You will have to decide for yourself about what works for you.

View from the top of Mount Tom.

View from the top of Mount Tom.


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