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A Little Trip to Boston

This weekend, I had the opportunity to travel down to Boston for Friday and Saturday. I’m including the trip on this blog because as much as I love Vermont and the woods, it is fun every once in awhile to get to a sizable city. Boston is such a city, and it’s really not that far away. If you have a car, it takes about 2.5 hours. If you don’t have a car, there are several options for taking a bus. I know there is a bus that leaves from Hanover, and I believe there is also one from Burlington, and possibly even one from Montpelier, though I couldn’t say for sure. And, if neither of those options works, you can probably catch a ride with another VLS student that is heading down for the weekend.

Either way, Boston really isn’t that far away, and it is definitely worth exploring. I say this now as it’s snowing there in the middle of October. For those of you watching the Patriots v. Titans game, you can see how awful it looks out. I’m glad we came back yesterday, that’s for sure. But, we did have lovely weather while we were in Boston. Actually, we spent most of our time in Cambridge, watching a friend compete in the Head of the Charles regatta. For those of you who, like me, aren’t aware of this race, it’s apparently the biggest of its kind in the entire world. People come from all over the world — I think there were 15 different countries participating in this year’s race. If you’re into rowing, it would certainly be a great trip while you’re at VLS. Though rowing certainly isn’t the most exciting spectator sport, the river is beautiful, and it’s still fairly exciting to watch the boats go by, especially when they’re trying to pass each other. There is also all sorts of free stuff, which is always fun! I’m not sure what I’ll do with two bottles of hot sauce, though…

It was also nice to eat out at some restaurants. There aren’t all that many options in the Upper Valley (though more than you might expect), and I really enjoyed the wood fired pizza and Thai food. And, we had a nice change of scenery with a run along the Charles River, instead of through the Vermont woods.

If you’re planning on going to Boston, definitely try to make it there before it gets too cold. It’s really not as much fun when it’s windy, raining or snowing (like today). I feel bad for today’s rowers and spectators…hopefully they didn’t freeze out there on the water!


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