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Its just about 11:45am on Thursday. I’m on the second floor of the Chase Center taking a mental breather while I can. This is a tough week as far as scheduling and work load goes. Definitely no time to get Wednesday Wings at 5 Olde with the roommates kind of a week.

Despite the nice break I had a few weeks ago in my Land Use class having 2 classes canceled, I’m dealing with their make ups this week. That means double the reading. Awesome. The professor knows its a challenging feat to get through though. For our make up on Tuesday she brought in homemade apple pie and a few other desserts to share with the class. It definitely helped alleviate some of the pain of having double meetings in the same day for one course. Also a plus is that the professor is taking a slightly different approach and incorporating guest speakers and a case study activity to change the pace. This was also very nice on her part. However, its still double to workload for one class which ultimately factors into time allotment for other coursework. It gets done but, doesn’t leave time for much else.

This third week of October has come quickly. Registration for Oktoberfest teams has begun, outlines for research papers are due, closed memo assignment deadline is rapidly approaching, Homebrew Ultimate Frisbee tournament and the big Rugby tournaments are both this weekend, as well as conferences and keynote lectures are happening. Talk about time management. How can I do it all and get some sleep? Power naps, as I learned in undergrad, are my best friend. I could use one now actually.

On a lighter note. The weather has been warmer the last few days and today we have bright blue sky to enjoy the remaining foliage with.


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