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The dodgeball event for Oktoberfest has just ended. My team, Swan Flu, was ranked second after yesterday’s events of cake eating and digital scavenger hunting. The last event of the series is a costume contest tonight at Crossroads. It should be a good turn out as long as the weather holds.

To recap, Oktoberfest is an annual competition organized by the SBA. There are 3 days of events that begin on Thursday and end with the party at Crossroads. The events this year include: kickball, trivia, cake eating, scavenger hunt, chili making, kids costumes, dodgeball, and a costume contest. There may be one or two others. Each team can have up to 20 players. You get more points for Professors that participate and partners. We have Professer Robertson and Professor McCann both playing for our team and have been pretty great about trying to make it to events.

Apparently there is also a Winterfest competition and possibly another spring event. Its nice to see the student body has some annual traditions. There are 17 teams at the moment. A good portion of 1Ls have memos due and decided not to participate. I think some of them were able to manage their time so they could participate but, others played it safe since they weren’t sure. Once I learned what it was I decided I could participate in at least some of the events. Since there is really only once chance to participate if I complete the MELP next summer, it seemed like an event worth making time for. It definitely has been. I highly recommend it to anyone that likes to part of school activities. Its also a great way to see and meet people outside of the MELP program which is never a bad thing.

Happy Halloween!


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