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Monthly Archives: November 2009

The Final Bend

Its Sunday evening and I’m sitting at my desk with my Natural Resources text in front of me, clicking between course webpages on TWEN (Westlaw) and Blackboard (Lexis). In between my readings and outlining I figure its a good point to add a quick note to the MELP blog. For my Thanksgiving break, I was […]

Frosty Morning!

Today I went outside to leave for my 8:30am class and everything was covered in a thick layer of frost! The world was sparkly and white – so exciting! What was less exciting was seeing my car was also covered in ice, meaning I needed to scrape off my windshield. I’m beginning to see the […]

So close and yet so far

Its Tuesday night but feels like it should be later in the week than it is. Maybe that is a result of me doing homework every night since Saturday. I know that sounds truely thrilling. Trust me. I’d rather be doing other things than study on a Saturday night however, tis the season to make […]

Just another Friday Night…

This past Friday night was Specific Performance.  It was AWESOME!!!!!!  There is another one next semester also, I am already planning on attending.  If you are like me and do not know what it is, well basically it is a Talent Show.  Yes, I know what you are thinking, “A Talent Show at a Law […]

Wonderful November Weather

It’s raining today, but for the past week, we’ve had wonderful sunny warm weather. It’s actually been very pleasant, and has really felt like fall. I’ve managed to get out on some bike rides, runs and hikes — though sometimes it’s a little hard after class because it’s getting dark sooner now. Now we’re getting […]

Vampires at VLS

Yesterday the Red Cross came to VLS to take blood from the students and local residents of South Royalton. In the past I’ve avoided giving blood because I didn’t meet the minimum weight requirement and I am terrified of needles. Yesterday I decided to suck it up and donate because each person who gives blood […]

12th Annual Takings Conference

Yesterday Vermont Law School hosted the 12th annual conference on Litigating Regulatory Takings Challenges to Land Use and Environmental Regulations. That’s sort of a mouthful, but a takings claim is one where a private property owner says that the government has essentially taken the property without properly compensating the individual. Essentially, the person is claiming […]

I’ll throw my hat in

It seems like a great number of MELPs have applied for the PMF. I admit that I am one of those MELPs as well. The competition last year was significant, as we were told by Abby Armstong in Career Services. The applicant pool will only be larger this coming year with the unemployment rates as […]

Tis the Season

For cancelled classes. In the last two weeks, I’ve had about 5 of my classes cancelled due to sick professors, conferences, and last minute events. Because the ABA requires a certain number of hours per course, this means make-up classes to make sure we meet our hour requirements. It’s also the season for illness – […]

Career Services Visit

About a month ago I sat down with someone in Career Services to talk over the options I had. I wanted to utilize both my BS and eventually MS degrees. My BS is in Occupational Safety and Environmental Health, basically OSHA, EPA, ergonomics, safety management, etc… can fit under that major. The MELP also has […]