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About a month ago I sat down with someone in Career Services to talk over the options I had. I wanted to utilize both my BS and eventually MS degrees. My BS is in Occupational Safety and Environmental Health, basically OSHA, EPA, ergonomics, safety management, etc… can fit under that major. The MELP also has some similarities since we go over specific EPA acts, such as CERCLA, Clean Water, and Clean Air. So my idea is to go into Brownfield Redevelopment areas and work as an Environmental Consultant doing the testing for hazardous materials that might be located on the ground. I would also complete the Environmental Impact Assessments.

Now that is one option… Another option is to complete a Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) with the Federal Government. I would seriously considering applying for this fellowship. Even if you are picked as a finalist you still do not have to go through the program, but if you want to work in a Federal Government Agency, this is your way in. My other options are to work in a company doing general occupational safety tasks, maybe with an emphasis on Environmental; going to Oregon State to complete obtain my PhD; or stay at VLS and complete my JD.

I know that this seems early to think about, but what can I say, I am eager to get back out in the workplace. I would start looking for your ‘perfect’ job now and sitting down with Career Services to talk about the possibility of volunteering or completing an internship in the Spring or Summer semesters. This is another reason why I did start early.

Suggestions… Find your ‘perfect’ job and look at the tasks and responsibilities that you will be asked to complete.  Bring these with you to your Career Services visit.  I would also suggest making a folder of all of these ‘perfect’ jobs and just keeping adding to it.  These jobs descriptions will help Career Services know where you want to go and how you want to use your degree.  It is okay to go there with no clue, but try to think about what excites you about this degree and how that translates into a job.

Last Thoughts… Think about what you would like to do and find your ‘perfect’ job description(s).  Think about volunteering or completing an internship.  Apply for the PMF.  You have options and just do not stick with one, have backups.


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