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Tis the Season

For cancelled classes. In the last two weeks, I’ve had about 5 of my classes cancelled due to sick professors, conferences, and last minute events. Because the ABA requires a certain number of hours per course, this means make-up classes to make sure we meet our hour requirements. It’s also the season for illness – I was one of the lucky students who received the free flu vaccines that were offered on campus a few weeks back. I haven’t been sick since the first weeks of school (all the stress from moving and starting a new school of course). All the same I’m taking precautionary measures like drinking plenty of tea, trying to get on a regular sleep schedule, and cooking with superfoods like kale.

I cannot believe it’s already November. Still no snow – I’m so excited for it, though all the native Vermonters keep telling me we will have it soon enough, and I’ll be wishing for these 40 degree days in no time. We’ll see about that 😉

Midterms are finally over as well, for some reason I had a sort of drawn out “midterms week”, but it’s done. We had a period last week where we could adjust our spring schedules, which we had set upon arriving in August. I chose to keep mine as it was – I’m looking forward to the Watershed Management class especially, since I was living next to an area where the surrounding watershed drained into – a local estuary back home in CA.

I’ve been thinking about what to do with my summer schedule. Since I’ll have fulfilled all my requirements except for the units, I’m debating about doing an internship somewhere else. I love living in South Royalton – it’s been quite an experience – but I don’t plan to stay here after graduation, so a transition to an internship elsewhere might be a good move. So much to think about. Time to make an appointment for the Career Services office. Speaking of which, I wanted to second the recommendation made by another MELP blogger about applying for the PMF. I definitely sent in an application – the government is a great place to work out of school, it’s valuable experience, not to mention good benefits. I’d definitely suggest applying for it next year because it never hurts to create options for yourself.

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