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I’ll throw my hat in

It seems like a great number of MELPs have applied for the PMF. I admit that I am one of those MELPs as well. The competition last year was significant, as we were told by Abby Armstong in Career Services. The applicant pool will only be larger this coming year with the unemployment rates as high as they are. Two applicants were selected and made it through the rigorous interview process from VLS last year. Its hard to predict what my odds are in relation to anyone else. Abby also said that some students she anticipated to be chosen were not. That too throws a wrench in trying to guess what the program administrators will be looking for. As a favorite motto of my father’s, you can’t win if you don’t play. I agree with the other bloggers. Apply to the PMF program. Keep in mind though that you only have one chance to do so for each graduate degree, so make sure you put in your best effort with the application.

As for those make up classes. They certainly are a trojan horse. Make ups are not worth the extra time you initially receive when the class is canceled. I have had two make ups already for one class and have another this afternoon for a different class. I am anticipating three more that will be split between two other classes. Its already November 4th. Time is ticking and with the holiday and finals are quickly approaching it only means that much more work crammed into a small amount of available time. The best advice I can give and hopefully follow myself, is not to procrastinate. Do the outlines, do the research, and begin writing drafts of the papers while you aren’t stressed. Meltdowns take away from your productivity. Also, they just aren’t any fun in general.

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