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Vampires at VLS

Yesterday the Red Cross came to VLS to take blood from the students and local residents of South Royalton. In the past I’ve avoided giving blood because I didn’t meet the minimum weight requirement and I am terrified of needles. Yesterday I decided to suck it up and donate because each person who gives blood potentially saves three lives. I’d like to say that the images of small children and ailing people held me through, but in actuality it was a pretty rough process for me. I was shaking as I completed the history, luckily the Dr. taking my history had a great sense of humor and put me as much at ease as was possible given the situation.

When it was finally crunch time, I got onto my lawn chair, and turned my head away while another volunteer tried to keep me distracted by talking horror movies with me. I was nearly done when I got dizzy, and apparently as soon as you mention that word to the volunteers, you’re immediately considered a near faint situation, and they promptly lay you back and place a fan blowing cool air in your face. So I didn’t quite sail through the process, but I finished and filled a bag of blood, which she afterwards let me see and feel (it was so warm!). I think it’s great that VLS brings things like the blood drive or flu shots to our campus. I felt a sense of accomplishment for doing something good for people, and it can’t hurt that it’s sure to bring me some good juju come finals.


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